Writing a Successful Study Abroad Blog

August 6, 2014

We are excited that you are going to be sharing your study abroad experience with all of us!  A study abroad blog should be a resource for you and others (family, friends, future and current participants, and future you).  Below are a few guidelines to help you begin your successful study abroad blog:

While we encourage everyone to write about the categories we suggest, you are more than welcome to write about other topics.  We do ask that everyone post a “Feature Picture” of yourself abroad with your post.  You can do that in the post by clicking on “Add Media,” then “set feature image.”  Of course, add as many picture as you like inside the post!

1) Write.  A good blog has regular posts every few weeks.  At the end, you will likely enjoy rereading the documentation of your time abroad!

2) Think about what you are writing.  Take minute to reflect upon what you have been doing over the last few days or weeks.  (Feel free to sit in a cafe and enjoy the world around.)

3) Consider your audience.  As you do not know who may read your blog from a parent to future employer, tailor it to what you would be comfortable sharing with anyone.  Use appropriate language and proof read.

4) Visuals are wonderful!  We recommend Incorporating photos, videos, or even links in your blogs.sf5

5) Length.  Short and sweet is a good rule.  Not all entries will be the same, but just remember that you are not writing a novel or term paper!

If you blog fits under a category, please mark it.  You are more than welcome to write about topics not listed in the categories if it has to do with studying abroad.

Also, add tags!

Happy writing!

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