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World 1-2: Burritos and Cat Cafes

April 17, 2015

So I didn’t think I’d be writing another blog post so soon, but today has been such a great day that I just wanted to share with everyone the great fun I had. First off, coming from San Francisco, Mexican food can be found everywhere, so much that I must have taken it for granted. People that know me well might know that it’s actually not one of my favorite types of food, but something about it being not readily available (Mexican food is a pretty rare find in Japan) made me crave a burrito like no other. So I did a quick web search and found a list of the ‘ten best burritos in Tokyo’ and decided to go try one out. A friend and I went over to an American style restaurant called E A T just out of the Gaienmae station to find ourselves a burrito. And I must say, despite the fact that it was twice the price of one I could find in SF (it was 1300 yen… around $13 give or take with the currency exchange rate) I wasn’t disappointed. The portion was very big as well, and the taste satisfied me greatly.


Yum yum, carnitas!

So that was win number one. The second one, oh ho ho, was the unexpected prize of a leisurely, random trip to the Takadanobaba area, just two stops away from our dorms in Ikebukuro. My friend and I hadn’t explored the area before, so we’d simply wanted to see what was around. It was by pure luck and curiosity that we stumbled upon the cat cafe, Nyankoto. For a mere 800 yen, you can enjoy unlimited drinks (including milk tea, cc lemon, pepsi, and a variety of sweet and unsweeted coffees) and the company of about a dozen cats for an hour. This time limit of course is extendable, specifically by 200yen for every extra 15 minutes, or their 3 hour special of 2000yen, but an hour is a perfect amount of time to play with the kitties and have a couple ‘on the house’ drinks. If you compare the price of these drinks to vending machines where they can cost anywhere from 100yen-160yen, this isn’t a bad deal at all. The cafe includes free wifi and outlets to charge your devices as well, so it’s a perfect place for relaxing while reading a book or doing some studying, all with the added bonus of being able to pet some adorable cats C:

IMG_0424 IMG_0420 IMG_0418 IMG_0415

Some of the adorable cats at Nyankoto!

The cats are incredibly friendly and seem to love being pet and played with, and the day we went also happened to be one of the cat’s (Ai-chan~!!) first birthday, so as we left, we received a birthday postcard photo of her as a commemoration! What lucky timing! Over all, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience and I’d love to go again.

IMG_0426Business cards of both places – hope to visit again soon!

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