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Vivid Sydney (And Other Sydney Events in Winter)

July 23, 2017

So, you went to the Opera House, the Habour Bridge, browsed around the many museums, and had your fill of Australian animals. Now what? It’s the middle of winter (U.S.’s summer) and you don’t feel like going to the beach anymore because it’s getting cold (although not THAT cold, the lowest temperature reaches around 60°F).

Here’s a list of events that occur during the kind-of-cold months of Sydney:

Whale Watching:

Apparently the winter months are the best time to take a boat out and watch the glorious and endless Pacific Ocean for a glimpse of humpback and southern right whales. If, for whatever reason you don’t get to see a whale, some places will refund your money.

Prices range from $80 per person to $400 per person.

Skating Rinks:

Since it rarely snows in Sydney (you would have to go to the southern states, such as Victoria or Tasmania to see Australian snow) Sydney tries to bring the snow to YOU; that is, at least in the form of small winter festivals around the city and suburbs. Almost all of them have some type of skating rink. The best one is at Bondi Beach during the months of June and July.

It’s roughly 50 mins away from the University of Technology Sydney by train/bus and cost around $22 per adult. Best part is that you will still soak up some sun while staking.

If you come during their summer months and want to skate just to escape the hot sun, head on over to Macquarie Ice Rink at the Macquarie Shopping Center, only about an hour away from the campus by train/bus and cost $24 with your student ID (it is in a big mall, so after you stake, you can shop).

Vivid Sydney:

Okay, but maybe you want something that’s FREE and maybe not far from the campus. I give you Vivid, a light show event that occurs at night for three weeks in Sydney from the month of May to June, displaying a number of light inspired art pieces. The motto is ‘light, music, and ideas’ and there is artwork in every corner of the city, it’s not just located at one spot, so you get a bit of a workout trying to find all the pieces. It’s also a great time for photographers who want to capture that amazing picture with lights.

However, instead of writing what it’s about, I’ll just show you:

[Areas featured in this clip: The double decker trains, the Habour Bridge, Opera House,  the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiwi Bird Statue (a native to New Zealand and a nickname for New Zealnders by Aussie’s), Royal Botanic Garden, Darling Habour, the Rocks (town under bridge)]

Australian National Maritime Museum at Night


Opera House





City at Night

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