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Using Gilman for backup plan.

November 1, 2017

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Using Gilman for backup plan.

It is always a good idea to have a backup plan, and I was glad to have Gilman to support me.

Program: Aoyama Gakuin University Exchange Program

One money issue that I had during my study abroad experience was the change in cost of living. You are able to look at the estimate cost for your study abroad program. When I was doing my research for my school it stated that the cost of housing for student dorms is approximately $650 per month (2015-2016).  Since it was just an estimate I hope for no more than $100 different, and I was wrong. The student dorm cost me about $850 per month. Since my program was 1 year that equals to $2,200(11months) additional cost for housing.  I used the Gilman scholarship for the additional cost for housing.

Also during my stay in Japan, the school had to change student dorms from the first one to a new dorm, which cost $1000 per month. That is about $350 difference from the first estimate, and another additional cost of $900. In total that is $3100 extra for housing. Luckily when I talked to the manager of the first dorm, he was okay with me staying. I had to renew my application for the dorm but I manage to not move in to a dorm that cost me $1000 per month.

To my knowledge right now, the student dorm for Aoyama Gakuin is nowhere near $650 per month, It is going to be $1000 per month or more.

TIP:      1. Apply to Gilman.

  1. be mindful about the cost changing!
  2. Communicate with people who might help you. ( I was able to save $900.)


Once again, a Big Thank you to Gilman.


For my next blog I will talk about my Room.

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