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Tübingen, Germany: 2 Months in!

October 5, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sorry for not updating as often as I should…it’s been a crazy few weeks here 🙂

I last left off when I was still living with my first host family, the Müllehners.  I was living with them for 3 weeks before I switched to the Gfrörers. This was actually another big experience for me because this family had a child so I had a little brother! It was a lot of fun with them because we would go into town sometimes and walk around and I would play soccer or, “fußball spiel,” with my little brother. In my real family back home, I am the youngest so it was definitely a really cool experience to have to be the bigger sibling and it was really nice to be with a family like them because it has been a while since I last ate dinner with the whole family together like the Gfrörers did every night. I think it’s good to have something like that to keep you grounded when you’re a young student traveling around the world and doing new things every day 🙂

After another 3 weeks with that host family, I finished the PLP (language program) with the rest of the Californian students which meant it was time to finally go back to Tübingen and move into our dorms! The dorming here is very nice and I can go into more detail if you have more questions about it. Summing it up, there are quite a few buildings for students and apparently it is hard to find housing in Tübingen so we are very lucky to have the CSU IP set up everything for us! I think everyone in the program got their first pick choices which is great! I live in the low-rise WHO buildings with 5 other students, all German except 1 who’s Italian.

After moving in and going to 2 days of orientation, I left for München (Munich!) for the weekend for Oktoberfest! The semester doens’t actually start until October 13th so we all have about 2 weeks to travel and do whatever we want before we get ready for first day of class. Oktoberfest was so much fun! A lot of people from all over the world and a lot of beer and celebrating! I had also met up with the German students that studied abroad in SFSU last year and that was really great because they are very good friends of mine and not to mention very stress-free for me because as they are Germans, they knew everything about Oktoberfest so I didn’t have to plan it out as much as the rest of the Americans 😉 After Oktoberfest, I went to Berlin for a few days to explore the capital! Berlin is a beautiful city with so many things happening. I strongly recommend it for anyone planning to go to Europe and Germany. Not only is it the capital of Germany but it holds so much history that you can see it in almost everyone in Berlin. When they say Berliners are very proud to be a Berliner, they mean it! 🙂

So as you can see, it’s been a very busy month for me but also very exciting! I hope I can manage to update more now that I am back in Tübingen, getting ready for school and making my room look like my home for the next year! Also, we have a lot more blogs to read now! Really cool to see where everyone is and how they’re all doing!

Bis bald!


IMG_1340Berlin, GermanyIMG_1366

Currywurst is a Berlin specialty that's everywhere in Germany but taste a lot better at the origin of it of course!

Currywurst is a Berlin specialty that’s everywhere in Germany but taste a lot better at the origin of it of course!

Parts of die Mauer

amazing graffiti of East Side Gallery

amazing graffiti of East Side Gallery

first day back from the PLP in Horb am Neckar!

first day back from the PLP in Horb am Neckar!



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