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February 26, 2015

Time to explore the Taiwan

Things to know before you go to Taiwan.


First: Figure out how you are to going to pay for your tuition, If you have financial Aid, I would recommend you to apply for Study Abroad. You can take advantage of it.

Second: apply for Gilman Scholarship, one of the best scholarship for study abroad students. It provides you some extra finance support. Talk with the advisor for more detail. Thanks for Gilman Scholarship, It paid for my rent and air ticket, I would suggest you apply scholarship as much as you can, there are a lot out there available to support the student like us and you must apply for the Gilman scholarship, it is the popular and easy one to get.


I will suggest you stay at the International house that offers by the school because you will make a lot of international friends. The I-house will lottery the application pool, if you are not able to get in for the first round, email them and they will put you on the waitlist. The fact about Ihouse are the walls are thin so sometime you will hear your next door, and you couldn’t cook there. (don’t worry there are a lot of restaurants around). Or dorm however it is little bit far and up the mountain. For me, I can not get in the I-house so I live off campus. The rent around school is around $8500 to $18000 NTD. I would suggest to talk with your buddies if you want to live off campus because they can give you more information and maybe to help you to get better deal. For housing part, I suggest you take your time do research and talk to your buddies if you have one. If you can find that one you like you, you can enjoy the time you spend here.

Cultural Shock:

Taiwan looks totally different than America, building next to building, house next to house. Houses do not have a yard and they have mostly apartments. The roads and sidewalks are narrow, sometime pedestrians have to share a road with cars but it is safe. In addition, business areas and resident areas are mixed, therefore you can find many business include restaurant around you place. Since I came here around the Lunar New Year, I was little bit boring because the city people went back to their hometown. If you decide to come around that time, I would recommend to have some friends and plan out for trip outside taipei city. ( It will be little pricy if you choose to travel during the New Year time)


I came to Taipei at the beginning of February, It was cold and raining. Prepare good umbrella because it will be windy, thick blanket too. ( check if your place has a heater  or not). If you come around summer time it will be hot.

I will talk about Food in my next blog,

Have a Great time! Hope you enjoy reading!


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