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Things That Aussies Call Other Things

November 9, 2017

Golden Gaytime: a popular ice cream brand

Aside from the classic Aussie slang of shortening practically all of their words, living in Australia I’ve encountered so many instances where we call the same thing by completely different names! Here’s just a short list of terms that I’ve encountered so far of things that Aussies call other things – (I’ve even listed them in order from what I’ve heard most frequently to least frequently!):

  • Peckish = hungry
  • Arvo = afternoon
  • If something is “full on” = intense
  • Chips = French fries
  • Capsicum = bell peppers
  • Lift = elevator
  • Biscuits = cookies
  • Rocket = arugula
  • Golden Gaytime = a very popular ice cream brand
  • Baramundi = a very popular white fish that is a popular menu item at most restaurants
  • Snag = sausage
  • Broad beans = Fava beans
  • “How are you traveling?” = “How are you?”
  • Bogan = redneck
  • Barbie = barbeque
  • Fairy Floss = cotton candy
  • Dugong = manatee

Other than experiencing things that Aussies call other things, there are also lots of other brand new things that I’d never seen before like the Golden Gaytime crumbs, which are like an ice cream crumb topping and delicious! I feel like I encountered most of these words, especially the food words, by going out and exploring new restaurants and Aussie cuisine. Being awarded the Gilman scholarship gave me the funds to allow me to comfortably explore Australia, which I would otherwise probably miss out on by being tied down to working a job. The Gilman scholarship is really an amazing gift that I was given in the way that it gave me that cushion of extra money to actually allow me to go out and try new things, which enhanced my learning of the Australian culture and my study abroad experience and I’m so thankful for that!

Now here’s a short Youtube video to get you familiarized with other popular Aussie slang that you’re bound to hear!

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