Student Life Abroad

Student life in Uppsala, Sweden

October 24, 2014

Hey guys! Uppsala is mainly a student town so the students create the majority of events in the city. The student community here is amazing in so many ways because of the the 13 student nations. The nations are named after the different regions of Sweden and each nation essentially does the same things. Basically, they’re similar to houses in Harry Potter except you get to choose which one you want to join. Each nation has pubs, dance clubs, gasques (fancy dinner party), and some have lunch and fika (coffee and food). The students run these nations on their own which means students are making the food, bartending, and cleaning. Working at a nation is a fun experience because you get to meet new friends, get free food, and just a little bit of money.

My nation is Kalmar nation. It’s in this building which seems plain but on the inside is really amazing! This nation is small which means its easier to meet most members. Its known for their vegetarian/vegan food. They also have some awesome music events.



So most events happen in these nations and its way cheaper than going to a normal pub or restaurant. 🙂

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