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SF Bay Area Gets Down Unda

July 2, 2017

CURRENTLY CRYING. UNI (university = college) IS FINALLY DONE! AND I AM OFFICIALLY READY TO GRADUATE. I couldn’t have asked for a better final semester during my college career than to study abroad! Thank you Gilman Scholarship, thank you San Francisco State University, thank you mom and dad!!! This one is for you!

I’m currently on a “Aussie Tour” of Australia’s East Coast. I started Sydney and making my way up to Cairns (The Great Barrier Reef). While I know a lot of students that rented a campervan, I was fortunate enough to find a number of cheap flights through Jetstar and Tigerair (as low as $33!).

My itinerary:

  • Fly Melbourne to Sydney
    • If you’re in Sydney from May to June, definitely hit up Vivid Festival. A ton of fun and innovate light and art installations, music shows, and events!
  • Fly Sydney to Gold Coast
    • Like a itty bitty Las Vegas with great surfing.
  • Drive Gold Coast to Byron Bay
    • Amazing boho-chic and surf mecca! Loved all the small shops, friendly people, great food, and all around laid-back culture of Byron Bay. I woke up at sunrise to walk to the light house, saw parrots and a wallaby along the way, and was so excited to spot dolphins and whales! I only stayed here 2 days, but WHEN I come back, I’m definitely extending my stay!
  • Drive Byron Bay to Noosa
    • Incredibly beautiful 2-3 hour coastal hike. One of my favorite spots in addition to Byron Bay! Included bush, beach, and people! I was so happy to spot dolphins up close along the walk, whales, and wild koalas in the trees (!!!). Truly a dream!  Luxury food and shops as well as quiet surfing or paddle-boarding.
  • Drive Noosa to Fraser Island
    • Did an 8-9 hour tour of Fraser Island which consisted of whale-watching, walks in the rain forest, and ending the day at Lake Mackenzie.

Tomorrow, I head to Brisbane, will be doing an overnight boat trip in the Whitsundays a few days later, then ending my trip in Cairns and heading back to Melbourne until I (so sadly) head back to San Francisco! I will keep you updated – enjoy your San Franciscan Indian Summer! Cheers!


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