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“Sawadee ka!” – Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand

September 16, 2015

Hey Everyone!

My name is Michelle, and I’m here to tell YOU all about my Thailand experience! This is my first post, however, I’ve been in Bangkok for a little over a month now. I have lots to share, but before we get into that lets get to know some basics about me 🙂

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. The baby in the family; however, the first college graduate in my immediate family of 5! College graduate you ask? Yes, I have an Associates of Arts Degree in Interior Design from the super cool FIDM/LA. I began studying at SFSU in Spring 2015 as a Junior, majoring in International Business. Oh, and I’m 22 years old 🙂

Ok! Now to the good stuff! 

My total flight time from LAX to BKK was 18 hours. With a hour and a half layover in ICN (South Korea). How was my flight? CRAZY AMAZING.

Apparently they gave my seat in economy class away (Asiana Airlines), so what did they do to make up for it? Upgrade me to a BUSINESS CLASS seat. That’s like a frog becoming a princess lol. The first flight was 12 hours and I was able to recline my seat to a 180 degree flat bed… Can you tell how excited I was? 😀


Unfortunately, for my second flight (which was 6 hours), I was given my initial economy class seat lol. Bitter sweet it was. Bitter: Well because they took a big piece of candy from a baby(me). Sweet: Because I met a native Thai girl (23 years old), sitting right next to me! Mo is her nickname, she was so amazingly helpful, in fact we are still in contact with each other, and we hang out around town occasionally!

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand 

I arrived around midnight and took a cab from the airport to iHouse (international student dorm). And as you would think, I had to respond to all the concerns texts from loved ones back home. Eventually though I got some much needed SLEEP. #jetlagged

The next couple of days in Thailand delightfully felt like home. How? Well living in San Francisco is similar to living in Bangkok. The street noise, smells, and traffic put my mind at ease and assured me that I could indeed live here happily.

Making it feel like Home 

I wanted to make sure I was as comfortable as I could be in my new place so I brought a familiar piece from my room at home & I purchased a new piece from a local Thailand vendor. The first is my Afro-American flag that I love! It instantly reminds me of home, and because it was a gift it also makes me feel closer to my loved ones. The second is a huge patterned tapestry that I bought at a very well known tourist place in Thailand called: Khao San Road. I negotiated it down from 800Baht to 500Baht (approx. $14.00).

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


So that’s the beginning of my newest chapter in life! Living in Bangkok, while studying, making new friends, and traveling. Future posts will be a little shorter and focused on one topic each, but I hope you enjoyed this one! Stay tuned for all the interesting do’s, don’ts, pro’s, and con’s of studying abroad in Thailand!

Kawp koon ka!




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