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Santiago, Chile: 39 days in.

August 11, 2014

From the CSU Study Abroad application to a Visa process and endless paperwork, Chile once felt unreachable.

I am currently 39 days into my 365 day journey abroad in Santiago, Chile. I have already experienced so many new things and am happy to continue sharing an experience that I already recommend to anyone interested in Studying Abroad. Before I elaborate on my life in Chile I would like to share the process I went thorough to make Chile Possible.

Three key components to making study abroad possible:

1. Building the courage to apply and complete the Study Abroad application(considering the time in your life) and making no excuses to keep you from applying and completing any of the requirements for the study abroad program of your choice.

2. Not using Money/The cost of Studying abroad as an excuse. I recommend that those who are eligible for Financial Aid look into applying for the Gilman Scholarship. The study abroad advisers at SFSU give a very informative workshop that help you apply for the Gilman Scholarship, it is all about taking advantage of these opportunities. I also recommend searching and asking your advisers for other scholarships available.

3. Keeping up with deadlines!  It is a great feeling receiving your acceptance letter in the mail, but along with being accepted it is very important to follow the guidelines provided to prepare to study abroad. This can be overwhelming considering your regular semester course load, but it is important to keep up with the deadlines, especially to begin the Student Visa process as soon as possible!!

There is a lot more that comes with preparing to study abroad but everything else seems to fall into place along the way.

Here are some photos to recap what my study abroad experience has been like.

Welcome dinner, all cal state students and sofia our adviser.      IMG_3206 (2) (480x640) IMG_3228 (2) (640x480) IMG_3232 (2) (640x480) IMG_3242 (2) (480x640) IMG_3286 (2) (480x640) IMG_3310 (2) (540x540) IMG_3325 (2) (640x480) IMG_3330 (2) (480x640) IMG_3337 (2) (640x480) IMG_3344 (2) (480x640) IMG_3347 (2) (480x640) IMG_3360 (2) (480x640) IMG_3400 (2) (480x640) IMG_3411 (2) (640x480) IMG_3418 (2) (640x480) IMG_3427 (2) (640x480)

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