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Ready | Set | Go

June 10, 2015


Ciao Tutti!

Background: My name is Madeline Stone. I am going to be a Junior at SF State and am spending my year abroad in Italy! I am studying Apparel Merchandising at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. I love traveling, fashion, a challenge and long walks on the beach(;


My Blog: This blog is basically going to be my completely public diary and will display the ups and downs of being a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, broad-smiling California Girl taking on a big city in a foreign country on my own! There is much to learn and much to prepare for in order to not be stamped as a walking stereotype before I make my debut in Milan.

My Goal: You will hopefully enjoy getting to know me as I get to know myself in this huge transition. My goal is to really not take this experience for granted and to convince everyone just how important it is to travel young and study abroad! It is such a valuable opportunity that can contribute to our growth in who we are, what we want out of life, and where we will go on our journey. So follow me while I take a huge leap into the unknown and take Milan by storm!


Mixed Emotions

Getting prepped for Milan has me feeling some type of way. I basically have to be completely moved out of my place in less than a month and then will be living out of a suitcase until I find a place in Milan.


There is a lot still up in the air right now (my visa, where I am going to live, what classes I am going to take, and how I am going to have enough money to be as chic as the Milanese.) Warning: my struggles are on First World Problem status so just bear with me while I try to get it together.


Because it is still far enough out that there is not much to report on, I’ll just explain how I am feeling while I wait for this big move to come; in hopes that when I look back at this, I can laugh and reminisce on how melodramatic I am.

How I feel:

Since around freshmen year of Highschool, I knew I wanted to Study Abroad when I went off to college. I had this all planned out and San Francisco State was a top choice just for it’s international programs. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I got accepted to study abroad in my program and everything.

I literally told everyone I knew or came in conversational contact with, (from drive-thru workers at in-n-out to taxi-cab drivers in New York City) everyone knew I was going to be studying abroad in Milan.


“Hey guys! Guess what?! I’m going to Milan!”

Once the excitement wore off, reality swiped in. I began to have sweeping realizations of just what this all meant. I was going to be gone for a whole year! I was going to be away from my best friend, my mom, my church community, and from the bay in general. It brought on a lot of feelings of sadness and fear of missing out while I was away. (First world problems on the rise.)


But after a few weeks of moping about, my best friend knocked me to my senses. I was getting a very special and unique opportunity to grow in who I want to be as a women. I know this sounds weird but bear with me longer. Some areas I have needed growth in are: independence, financially and emotionally, open-mindedness, and cultural awareness. All things that I will really get to have if I am living abroad all on my own.


My Best Friend a.k.a Sister.

So after this realization, I have now become excited once more to really pursue this journey full-heartily and gain some confidence in the growth I will obtain on this adventure. (We’ll see how long this lasts.)

Stay tuned for more to come as the departure date gets closer and I am one step closer to Milan a.k.a. Italian food, fashion, and boys.


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