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Being Queer and Living in Melbourne

November 13, 2017

Marriage Equality Rally in Melbourne, Australia.Traveling the world and dating abroad can be overwhelming as it is and depending on what country you’re in, being queer can be completely daunting. But luckily being queer and living in Melbourne has been surprisingly welcoming and all around amazing! The LGBTQIA+ community here is great and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many really amazing people.
To get you started, I would recommend joining Facebook groups like Pinkalicious, Sundaylicious, and PLAY Fridays to keep in the loop with fun LGBTQIA+ events! Also Facebook search for “Friyay” events, often hosted by Fanny’s at Franny’s, also known as Francesca’s bar in Northcote. Other bars/clubs that I would highly recommend include La Di Da in the city (CBD), Mollie’s bar/Sircuit club in Fitzroy, and Xe54 club.
As I mentioned before, being queer and moving to another country can be overwhelming, but knowing where to go that you can really feel comfortable in your own skin and just enjoy being yourself makes all the difference. Being queer and living in Melbourne has made me feel practically right at home!
The Gilman Scholarship gave me the gift of acclimating comfortably to Australia and to Melbourne in more ways than one, but being awarded the extra funds and having the freedom to go out, to meet and to make friends with other LGBTQIA+ people has made me feel so comfortable and so happy in a new place that I might otherwise feel so alone. Also, the extra funds awarded to me by the Gilman Scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to fight for a cause that is near and dear to my heart – marriage equality, as it is currently illegal in Australia. Thank you Gilman Scholarship to help me to make such incredible friends and to make me feel at home away from home!

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