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One way to receive the money from Gilman after you get accepted

September 28, 2017
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    One way to receive the money from Gilman after you get accepted. (Before you leave America)*Note: some of the steps might differ depending on your Bank accounts policies.

    *Note: Transaction might differ depending on your country.

    So when your application gets accepted, the first thing you need to do is to give yourself a pat on your back for accomplishing the scholarship! When I got accepted from Gilman the real first thing that came to my mind was if international transfer with my American bank account was possible. I am going to break this blog in to 2 Steps, the first step being “Before you leave America” and the second “After you arrive in Japan”. Here are three main reasons on why I wanted to have the option to wire/wiring (when you connect one bank account to another bank account) my account.

    1. Many places in Japan does not accept credit card as a paying method.
    2. I did not want to carry too much Cash with me during my flight there.
    3. I wanted to have access to the financial aid money during the stay abroad and including Gilman scholarship.

    1 and 2 are straight forward so I am not going to explain but I want to explain #3. So for those of who applied to Gilman scholarship I believe that you have Pell grant as one of your financial aid. As you know the Pell grant is disbursed two times one on fall and other on spring. I had my Bank account connected to SFSU (On SF State Gateway/MySFSU) for direct deposit.  I applied to 1 year plan for Study abroad program, therefore my second half of my financial aid would be deposited to my US Bank account while I am in Japan. By wiring the two bank accounts you are able to transfer money easily.

    Here are the Steps that I took BEFORE I left America.( steps proceeded in 2016 around July)

    My Bank Name: Bank of America (BoA).

    1. Communicate with the Bank. For example the minimum and maximum amount for one transaction.


    Since I had online banking for BoA, I used the online chat service for my questions.


    Q- Is it possible to send money to Japan?

    • Yes, but need to fill out an online form with the bank you want to wire.

    Q- Would the transaction cost me?


    1. Note yourself the required information that you need to wire your Bank account. For example Bank Address, Swift Code/BIC. (I was able to gain these information at Japan).

    These are the two steps that I took in preparation to wire my US Bank account.

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