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Nice Times

September 4, 2015


Hello there!

This is my friend Kelly. She is currently a third year at UC Berkeley studying cognitive science and this summer she had the opportunity to study abroad in Nice, France for a month. Upon her return home, I couldn’t wait to hear all about her adventures. She filled me in on many intriguing experiences and had a lot of great advice about traveling and living in a different country, so here I am today sharing her story with you.

“Nice is a city along the French Riviera, where a beach resides along the whole length of the city. People seemed to be on holiday 24/7 and the beach is busy even at midnight!

Exploring the city mostly took place outside of class, either dinners after class, weekend getaways, or evening activities at the dorms. It was nice how the program I was a part of tried to incorporate exploring the city as part of some assignments. Restaurant settings were very formal with 90% of seating being  outdoors. Wine is so common, it’s ordered to accompany almost  every meal!
Another perk of my program included the opportunity to meet many amazing and inspiring people from all around the world. I was able to explore my interest with hands-on experience and interact with professionals in the field.

You can never tell who is who. Pick-pocketers are mostly women in nice clothing looking like they are going shopping, or women with children. A cute boy who asked my friend out for a date turned out to be a drug dealer, and dangerous too. She got held hostage when she went to his house. Be cautious!

It’s a good idea to look up the culture of the area you are going to and be respectful to the locals so you don’t unintentionally offend someone or make them feel uncomfortable.

It’s also a good idea to look up the weather ahead of time! It was so hot in Nice, and humid too! Nothing like I was used to. It would get around 80 degrees F at night. Most nights I slept without a blanket and I even took cold showers! There wasn’t AC in the dorms, nor was there an elevator, so every time I got up to my room (fifth floor) I would be soaking wet. I know it sounds pretty gross, but it was considered my daily workout. I think that month was the fittest I’ve ever been!”

It sounds like Kelly had an amazing time in Nice and I bet I haven’t even heard half of it. Sometimes some experiences are better than worlds so I’m going leave you with some photos Kelly took during her time in Nice.

Nice TimesNice TimesNice Times

Nice TimesKelly 5

In addition to the time she spent in Nice, Kelly also got the chance to spend a week in Paris, exploring the city and traveling all on her own so keep an eye out for an upcoming blog with all the details behind that story!





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