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My life in China

December 4, 2016


I’ve been in China for about three months now, and I’m finding this experience more wonderful than I could have imagined.

A little background on me: I’m a biology student who, after literally years (freshman to junior year) of debating on whether to study abroad, decided to take a fifth year to spend the year learning Chinese at Peking University, in Beijing, China.

Before coming to China, I didn’t know what to expect. Other than hearing about the poor air quality on the news, I knew very little about life in China. I am sorry to say, that the reports of air quality are not an exaggeration. That is actually a big problem in Beijing (more on that later). But, other than that, my time in China has been such a good experience. I have met people from many different countries and from all continents. Our discussions about the differences between our countries has been an eye-opening experience. My teachers have all been inspiring and engaging, and I really do feel like I have learned a lot of Chinese from them. I have made some lifelong connections here.

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I would highly recommend studying in China. China is a beautiful country. It’s full of friendly people that are willing to help if you need it. It has such a rich history, and Beijing has interesting places, wherever you look. It’s also less expensive than many of the other study abroad locations. Your money goes a long way here, which has made life a lot easier. I’m grateful to everyone at SF State who helped me get this opportunity, as well has to the Gilman Scholarship, for helping me fund my year. Without them, I wouldn’t be having this experience.

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