Preparing for Study Abroad

a few months before departure

June 13, 2016


I bought my ticket early using

which is pretty neat in my opinion because one way trip to the philippines is 400 and + japan is 268 dollars. I think if i booked one way to japan it would be cheaper but I have to see my family before I go to Japan.

I already booked an airbnb in Yokohama for 8 days $13 for each day. I am staying at at traditional Japanese home.

I created an idea itinerary. I am going to go to each of the 8 regions of Japan for each day using the summer train pass only sold during the summer. It is up to 5 days and it costs 11,000 yen. Not bad! It also includes ferry rides!

I am starting to pack my stuff so I can give up my room for my younger sister to live. So I am officially moving out when I leave. I also am getting my international drivers license.

I need to either find my first drivers license or ask the dmv of proof of my driving record of me starting. I am getting my M1 so I can ride a scooter or motorcyle in japan and buy one there. I feel like it will be a nice change to breathe in the air and ride comfortably looking around Japan on my own time.

I am excited. Looking at the new things ahead. Leaving my family behind and my beloved lovely cat Luna who is a tuxedo coat.


Far more stuff to do. Waiting on the Certificate of Eligibility. Hopefully that comes in soon. I had to message Akita university and tell them if they sent my papers yet. THEY COULD HAVE. They sent the paperwork one week after I messaged them…Wow really? I do respect they have a lot to do but I just get this feeling they do not check your status of your application until you email them and ask them. Hope it comes soon. So I can get my VISA as soon as possible.


Otherwise I have to ask SFSU to send it to me while in the Philippines. Still that is preferred because my family means everything to me.

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