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Culture shock in melbourne, how bad is it?

March 1, 2015

Melbourne 18

I must say that I have fallen in love with a city that is known for being inviting, generous and warm. For the last twelve days, I’ve toured Melbourne and experienced culture shock. Initially, the city felt as San Francisco because of the tall buildings, individualistic culture, gourmet food and amazing coffee. But it turns out that Melbourne is different from San Francisco in many ways. For example, the jargon is different from back home. Everyone uses mate, rad and reckon. Additionally, supermarkets resemble the ones you can find in the States, but a thing that puzzled me is how they store their eggs at room temperature. So, if you find eggs next to canned beans in a supermarket outside the United States, don’t fret, because it turns out that Australia, along with other countries, do not need to refrigerate their eggs because they have different methods.

Melbourne 04

To my dismay, I learned that food prices in Melbourne are much higher; however, stores like Aldi and grocers offer cheap produce.

melbourne 20

Also, you can find street art in the CBD.

melbourne 14

melbourne 15

melbourne 13

melbourne 11


Thanks for reading. Until next time, mate!


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