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“I be looking very New Wave and Reflective”

August 28, 2014

9 hour layover in Dallas! Been through the worst, going to board in 24 minutes. After that, hello Montreal. Currently listening to: Cocteau Twins’ 1984 album Treasure.

I can’t help but feel a bit reflective. This whole experience is surreal, and honestly, it has yet to hit me entirely. My fellow gators abroad understand this and all you future ambassadors will too in due time. Leaving your home and lifestyle behind is a feeling like none other. For me, I feel contemplative, with some melancholy mixed in and an overwhelming sense of excitement. Like I am about to bungee jump. Since you all will be leaving  what has become your routine soon (or maybe you already have), I’ ll share what I am leaving behind and what I hope to gain.



What I am leaving behind: a two and a half year relationship, a sweet pad in the Mission, my bike, the Linguistics community at SF State, my best friend, my favorite pupuseria and my collection of unicorn pillow-pets.

What I’ll gain:  a plethora of new character-building experiences, the chance to represent San Francisco and my campus to those who are unfamiliar with our “radness,”  an exposure to seasons (ah, the winter season), my own apartment (rent in Montreal is super cheap and I have been saving my pennies) and hopefully to become fluent in French.

Well I got to board now, cuidense! Hope you all enjoy the 9 hour layover look!





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