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Key topic for Gilman Essay and After getting accepted Information WITH TIPS! (#2)

August 7, 2016

Hello again if you are reading my post the second time.

For this blog, I would be writing about the essay topic for Gilman scholarship and process after getting accepted with some additional information.

Before I start, I would like to point out again that the study abroad office has information and Gilman workshop for help finalizing your essay for Gilman.

(I got accepted on 7/15/2016 so there might be information that changed when I applied, please check with Study abroad office to make sure)


Essay for Gilman.


To start off here is some key topics that I used for the essay.


  1. First generation college student.
  2. Second generation American.
  3. How Study abroad would help me reach my goal/connecting it to my Major.
  4. Providing information of host College(The college you plan on going to)
  5. How does support of Gilman would make you successful?

(My essay was about 870 words 2 page double spaced.)

1 and 2 might not apply to students so you may ignore it, but if you are both or either write it in your essay it would be a PLUS.

70% of my essay used the key topic 3 and 5.

TIP: Finish your essay before the DEAD LINE!

TIP: Get your essay reviewed by someone! (Study abroad office can help you get your Essay reviewed!)



After getting accepted.

For those of you that is interested in the numbers here are some information.

“During the Fall 2016/Academic Year 2016-2017 application cycle, the program reviewed more than 2,900 applications for approximately 850 awards” (Gilman e-mail).

850/2900 =29% of chance. You have about 30% chance of getting accepted to Gilman.

So here is the Steps after you finish your application.

STEP 1-Get an e-mail from Gilman with your results.

STEP 2-Finish required information and send (upload) documents on Gilman website.

Documents they ask for:

  • Proof of American citizenship.
  • Proof of Acceptance Letter. (from you host college)
  • Transcript ( SFSU official Transcript)

TIP: If you are getting your Transcript at SFSU get it in-person it only takes about 5 mins.

  • Proof of Insurance

TIP:  Students are required to buy an international Insurance. (Mine about $550.00 for a year)

TIP: Most likely you would not get and update information from your Insurance, but Study Abroad would give you a document that fulfill this document.

TIP: Make sure your insurance Date Covers ALL the days as your Acceptance Letter.

  • Photo (of yourself)


  • Bank Validation

STEP 3-Review all information and then send.

If your documents or information has some issues Gilman would e-mail you back requesting you to resubmit.

OVER ALL TIP: Contact Gilman or Study Abroad if you have ANY Questions!

(I contacted them A LOT. Thank you Gilman and Study Abroad Office for your support! )

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