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Keeping Connected on the Swinburne Campus

November 13, 2017

Keeping connected on the Swinburne campus is made easy by following these tips!

1. Join the Swinburne Student Union – For just $10/semester, being a part of the SSU gives you access to so many benefits and perks! Free printing of up to 20 pages/day in the exclusive SSU office, free weekly BBQs on campus, free entry to Union parties and events, and so many other discounts both in local businesses and nation-wide!

2. Like the Razor the Razorback Facebook page – The Razorback is the Swinburne university mascot and liking its Facebook page keeps you up to date on campus events and allows you free food from pop-up on-campus food vendors!

3. Join the Swinburne Stalker Space Facebook group – It’s a page exclusively for students to ask advice about courses, report lost and found items, and just to vent and suffer together! But it does take a couple of weeks or so to be added into the group so send a Facebook request early!

4. Join SF State’s International Education Exchange Council Facebook group – It’s a good way to keep in touch with other study abroad students and collaborate on events!

5. Join the Incoming Swin Abroad Facebook group – It’s a good way to keep in touch with other study abroad students that are studying alongside you at the Swinburne campus!

The Gilman Scholarship is such an amazing scholarship in that it opens the door to opportunitites that you wouldn’t otherwise embrace. The Gilman Scholarship allowed me the extra funds to feel like I could comfortably splurge the extra $10 to join the Swinburne Student Union instead of holding onto that extra $10 for something like lunch and it made for such a great on-campus experience! Thank you Gilman Scholarship for giving me the gift of embracing my on-campus opportunities!

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