Huang Shan, Anhui (安徽黄山)

May 24, 2015

Huang Shan, Anhui (安徽黄山)



First Impressions

After 6+ hours on the bus from Nanjing, it was encouraging and a relief to see the increasing view of nature with each passing hour, notably the immediate stark contrast in the air quality in respects to the average city air quality in the city. As for views, Huangshan in my opinion, is probably the closest representation of the rural China and its ancient essence. The tall steep mountain cliffs, deep canyons, and sharp rock formations are breathtaking and awe-inspiring, simultaneously, the fog that rolls up and enshrouds the mountain reveals the mysterious aspect of Huangshan, and mesmerise the passerby with it’s elusive character.

IMG_8260   IMG_8311


Oh The People 

The mountain was excellent, however, the people on the mountain, not very much so. There is no way to escape the innumerable bodies of people in China, hence, likewise, there is no escaping the uncivilised habits that they bring with them up the mountain.

IMG_8360 IMG_8383

IMG_8251  IMG_8328

 Oh My Legs

The mountain kills all the muscles and ligaments in your legs, especially your calf muscle when you ascend stairs upon stairs of uneven stone platforms and your knees when you descend the extremely steep slopes.

IMG_8322   IMG_8372


All in all, I am proud that I conquered this mountain, but would I do it again? I don’t think so.


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