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Hostel: Great Short Term Accommodations in Melbourne Australia

January 27, 2017

 Hostel Cost

For those who wish to travel or move to Melbourne, Australia, take heed.  Melbourne has a large number of businesses called hostels, or backpackers, that offer short term accommodation at a low cost.  To readers who need to live on a budget, I recommend staying at a Hostel.  I spent $230 Australian dollars to stay at one for 8 days.  When I did my research on temporary accommodations in Melbourne, I found that many hotels that would charge a similar price for one night’s stay in the same area of the city.

A Hostel’s Social Environment

The specific Hostel I stay at is called Flinder’s Backpackers (35 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia).  My experience has been great in ways beyond the cost, and my stay is not yet complete.  I came to Melbourne on 1/25/17; having never been to Australia before and having no pre-existing social connections.  Immediately, it became clear that Flinder’s Backpackers would ease the transition.  As can be seen in my photos below, the hostel Flinder’s Backpackers creates an environment where guests can cook, dine, and socialize together.  The dorms are unisex and a good area to socialize as well.  It has been easy for me to meet new people over the past three days.  All guests at a hostel are international visitors or from other parts of Australia; locals of Melbourne are not allowed to stay at a hostel.

Hostels are a Window into Seeing a City

None the less, the employee’s of Flinders are locals.  These employees have given me advice about good venues, Australian culture, and have led events that I attended.  I joined a group of guests on my 1st day at Flinder’s.  We were led by a local to the Victoria Market part of Melbourne.  We enjoyed art gatherings and the Summer Night Market that runs every Wednesday.  I had fun, learned of good attractions in my new home, and learned more about the city’s geography.

On the subject of Geography, Flinders is located in a central part of Melbourne.  It has been very easy for me to visit museums, visitor booths, nightlife, and so on.  Today, a tour guide came by the common room at 10:30 am and offered to lead a free 2.5-hour walking tour of the city.  I had to decline, due to a housing appointment; I will take tomorrow’s tour for sure.

A Place to Stay while Home Hunting?  Try a Hostel

The main reason I am staying at the Hostel, Flinder’s Backpackers, is so that I have a roof over my head as I meet with homeowners.  I am looking for long term accommodations to live in as I study at RMIT for the 2017 spring semester.  Flinder’s Backpackers has made that possible and delivered so much more for me.  So, I reiterate my recommendation.  Consider staying at a hostel if you need an inexpensive temporary place to stay in Australia while you look for long-term housing, or are just passing through.



Weston Rick Davis

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