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Hitting the Ground Running: First Week in Japan

September 19, 2014

Well, it’s been over a week since I started my adventures in Japan and goodness, have I been busy! From orientation to navigation, things here have been “go-go-go” for me. But now that I have a little break from school activities I figured I should give an update on what’s been happening.

The first two days or so were jam packed with traveling. I would say spending that much time traveling to any place is a grueling process, but I considered myself very lucky. My flight and post-flight travel into Kyoto were nowhere near as troublesome as I thought they were going to be. To top it all off, I ended up staying at a fairly nice hotel room, where I had the chance to take some wonderful pictures of the city!
Once arriving on campus I was finally able to meet my University assistant Mao, whom I had been in contact with before I arrived. Together we finalized some of the remaining legal logistics, toured the campus and some of the local area, purchased necessities (including one handy dandy bicycle) and traveled to my university sponsored apartment. However, the best part was having the opportunity to talk with Mao. I was very happy to find out that she is just as eager to learn about English language and American culture as I am with Japanese language and culture. I’m sure we’ll have quite a lot to talk about; perhaps we might even become good friends!

The next few days were spent at Student Orientation, where I was able to meet other international students. I was amazed at how diverse my incoming group is (students from France, Korea, China Italy, Spain, and even more countries!). In addition, the courses offered at the university seem very keen on broadening cultural and linguistic understanding. This upcoming academic year sounds both challenging and engaging, and I’m very eager to get started!
DSC00080All in all, this has proven to be a great start for my year abroad in Japan. I’m anticipating all of the opportunities that this year has to bring, as well as being able to share them all with you.

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