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Goodbye Japan

August 29, 2016


My heart tells me to come home

My mind tells me to come home

My soul tells me to come home

Home has been waiting you for quite a while

That you have achieved your dream

And it is now over that you need to take a long rest

Let’s go home

It’s August 29 and time to go home. I thought I just landed in Narita International Airport yesterday. And now I am on the way heading back to my home state.

My journey in Japan was arguably long enough although it was only a semester, in which some might say that one semester is too short. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I were to stay here for another semester. Perhaps, that would be great if it happened and I could write more stories in my head.

I am inspired and grateful that I was able to experience Japan from my own eyes and touch. Still, I couldn’t believe that I actually stayed in Tokyo, one of my favorites cities in the world, for Spring semester. I studied the language, history, politics, Shintoism, philosophy, and of course, culture. I had a chance to travel the other major cities and countryside. I achieved the unexpected, like hiking Mt. Fuji and visiting Fukushima Prefecture. I have to admit that I have a blast. I certainly did not regret every single day of my journey in Japan. And it’s time to go home. I felt super emotional but had to accept the decision I made with the program: to stay in Japan only for one semester although they offered me more.

My journey might end here. But my memory lives forever.


Thank You

I still can’t imagine that I made it to Japan up until now. I am a big fan of Japan since my first visit in 2008 – under JENESYS Programme (student exchange program) – and would love to come back for an adventure. I thought it was simply a dream that I didn’t realize I could make it happen with all of the supports and resources available. I kept saying to myself: “I can’t do it because I will need to have a fortune and all kinds of support to travel, especially Japan. I’m broke.” But I was wrong. I was wrong the fact that I underestimated myself. It’s a life lesson for me that a dream can be achieved through hard work, passion, and dedication. Once a dream is achieved, you live it. Time will tell.

So, from the deepest of my heart, I want to thank Gilman Scholarship, SFSU Study Abroad Program, and everyone who supports me in pursuing study abroad program and create all possibilities to achieve my dream. I couldn’t ask for more. Without you, I have no idea what I would do on Spring semester of 2016.

It feels good to be home.


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