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Gilman Scholarship

September 21, 2016

Preparing Financially

So you applied to study abroad and you were accepted. What’s next? Next, you definitely should apply for the Gilman scholarship if you receive the pell grant. The Gilman scholarship’s main purpose is to provide financial support to students throughout the country who are planning to study abroad.The application for the scholarship consists of two essays, which I strongly advise to have edited by the study abroad advisers, as they have experience with reading winning essays and can provide you with tips and advice for your essays. The Gilman scholarship not only provided me with financial support, but also emotional support. I knew that there was an organization that was supporting my decision to study abroad. It also took away a lot of stress that I had due to my housing situation. After receiving the scholarship I did not have to worry as much about my budget for housing and was able to focus on my studies.

Ok, lets recap the steps you should take:

  1. Apply to study abroad!
  2. Apply for the Gilman Scholarship if you receive the pell grant!
  3. Edit multiple times!
  4. Go to the study abroad office for revisions!
  5. Submit the Gilman application and hope you receive it!
  6. Spread your wings and study abroad!


Link to the Gilman Scholarship website:

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