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Food in Japan.

November 4, 2017

Blog #7

Food in Japan.

One of my favorite topic! As a Japanese American I was excited to eat Japanese food in Japan. From the Support from Gilman towards my housing in Japan. My dorm provided me with breakfast and dinner. Having a balanced food is one key element that you need to keep in mind living out of your country. I believe living in the dorm can help you not eat only the food you like, and have a balanced food.

One example for breakfast:

Miso soup

White rice

Cooked Saba (Mackerel)


Vegetable Dish

As you can see in the picture Japanese people do not eat much. I was lucky that my dorm had all you can eat white rice. So I normally have one extra bowl of white rice to be full.


Here is one example to compare one dish from a typical Japanese restaurants.


This was about $12.00 (1300yen).

Vegetable with beef.

One chinese style soup

one bowl of rice

pickled vegetable.

Since I lived in a dorm were we don’t have access to the kitchen, I needed to give up on cooking Japanese food for myself. But I got an electronic tea kettle to boil water for some cup noodles. It’s always a good idea to have some instant cup noodles in your room to make whenever you are hungry at night. Adjusting to the Japanese proposition of food can be hard and having something simple like cup noodles can help.

Final TIP is to always carry water or any kind of sports drink. Japan’s heat is tense for people that are not use to the weather. I had one box of Japanese sports drink in my room. If you need to go to the restroom for emergency, Japanese convenience store has public restroom. After the big earthquake and the Tsunami that hit Japan, Japanese convenience store started to provide restrooms for public use (as of now). So always carry a water or sports drink. If you go to the local super market or Japanese Amazon you can buy it cheap.


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