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Where to Find Good Mexican Food in Melbourne

November 13, 2017

Melbourne holds so many amazing restaurants but when you’re really craving a taste of home, here’s a list of where to find good Mexican food in Melbourne:

  1. Bay City Burrito in Hawthorn – Just like the name suggests, Bay City burrito is owned and operated by a guy from, you guessed it! San Francisco! But not just San Francisco – The Mission District! It’s a little pricey but the self-proclaimed massive Bay City Bomber burrito is absolutely delicious and will make you feel right at home!
  2. Village Cantina in Yarraville – The Village Cantina has a more fanciful take on the classic elote, great taco options like pumpkin and cauliflower as well as the meaty classics, and amazing margaritas! Enjoy some great Mexican food and catch a movie at the charming Sun Theatre just around the corner!
  3. Little Hop in Fitzroy – Little Hop has a great assortment of soft shell tacos, each for just $5, and a great selection of beer all in a really fun part of town!

I give so much thanks to the Gilman Scholarship for awarding me the extra funds to actually have the freedom to go out and explore Melbourne and, in particular, to discover restaurants that gave me a little taste of home. It can be lonely being so far away from home and not having the food that you’re familiar with and love, but the Gilman Scholarship was there for me and because of the extra money, I was able to go out and find some really great places that have some really amazing menu options of my all-time favorite food!

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