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Feria San Lucas

October 24, 2014

Last weekend in Jaen, the city had their saint’s day celebration, la Feria de San Lucas. This was a weeklong fair, with the actual saint day on Saturday, the 18th. The entrance was brightly lit up and then you would make your way down a path. There was a street fair set up by the entrance were vendors sold necklaces, purses and toys. This would usually close around 10 at night and was the first thing you saw when entering the fair. Further down there were food stands set up with baked potatoes, churros, kebabs, and all types of food. This stayed open all nights.
The main part of the fair is were all the rides were located, along with the casetas. Casetas are little bars and clubs set up for people to dance in and drink. There were about 20 set up and the people would basically bar hop from place to place depending on the music being played. One caseta was firemen themed and would have stripping firemen come and preform every night. That one played modern Spanish dance music but others would play American music like Spice Girls and the Grease soundtrack.
During the daytime, there were typical fair rides for the children and more exiting one’s for adults and teenagers. The most interesting thing I saw was a carousel with real horses. They were miniature horses for the kids to ride in a circle. The women would dress up in Flamenco style dresses complete with hairpieces and the full skirts although, there were some shorter ones as well.
Saturday was the busiest day by far. On this day Jaen had bull fights and it seemed like everyone was at the fair all da y. I didn’t go to the bullfights. I had mixed feelings about it. People I talked to that went said that it was really gory and five people would gang up on one bull. I understand that bull fighting is a tradition here in Spain, but it seems a little unfair to the bull that five people gang up on one. I passed by where they killed the bulls on Saturday night after the fight and it reeked. I’m planning on extending my time here to July and running with the bulls in Pamplona. Maybe I’ll go see a bull fight there.IMG_2256 IMG_2266 IMG_2280 IMG_2293 IMG_2299 IMG_2307

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