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Fees and Paperwork Tips (Pre-Arrival) #1

July 20, 2015

1. When you make purchases online for your university abroad, (like dorm fees) remind your credit card company before hand so they don’t freeze your cards. All your cards. Every credit card your family has. Frozen.

2. Check your spam folders for important emails that may have been rejected because of the language difference!

3. Use a currency converter online and make a map of your finances. (Then cry and make yourself a nice cup of tea and look at beautiful photos of the country you’ll soon be living in.)

4. LOOK FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! NOW! APPLY TO GILMAN! (Ask the study abroad advisors to help you write your essay. They help so much!)

5. Live with your parents over the summer and work full time if you need to.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask people who have been abroad questions. Honestly usually people love being reminded of their travels and are happy to help.

7. Check for Flight discounts like Student Universe but make sure they are legitimate airlines. Do your homework.

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