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Week 1 winner: CULTURE SHOCK!

October 27, 2014

Most, if not all, students experience some kind of “culture shock”. While exposed to a different environment, they encounter different types of people, lifestyles, food, festivals, etc. Every thing can feel foreign and unfamiliar- even shocking! Culture shock is a natural part of the study abroad experience when moving and adjusting to a new lifestyle.

Check out Sharon Maldonado’s post on her experience with culture shock in “HK Culture Shock”: Sharon talks about her reaction to living with 7 million other people, living in a place that has “more Louis Vutton stores than Paris”, and even eating fried chicken with gloves.

Be sure to also check other posts on culture shock along with many other sections such as festivals and student life!


* Study Abroad bloggers: In celebration of the upcoming Halloween in the US, the topic for this week FESTIVALS. Have you experienced any festivals yet in your country? Does your country also celebrate Halloween or have any similar festivals/celebrations that the US celebrates? Your deadline is Thursday, October 30 at 12pm (PST). Good luck!

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