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Christmas blues

November 22, 2016

As the semester winds down I can’t help but reflect on my semester abroad. I have had a wonderful experience so far filled with wonderful flatmates and friends from societies and as much as I dread coming back to the states next June for personal and political reasons I can’t help but feel envious of my international friends who are returning to the states in a few weeks. I have hit what I have deemed the “christmas blues” where I yearn to return to spend christmas with my folks. I knew coming here that I would spend christmas traveling instead of with my family but as my money supply dwindles down and the lack of friends to travel with amounts to zero, I can’t help but feel lonely. All my travels so far have been by myself yet it’s not an experience i find myself enjoying. As I promised my parents I wouldn’t travel alone, the daunting fear of traveling a month by myself has prevented me from purchasing tickets even as the dates cripple near. I yearn to spend Christmas with my cousins, parents, and siblings. I feel that my hidden desire to spend christmas across the Atlantic has made me bitter toward my flatmates and friends when ever Christmas is brought up, which isn’t a feeling i enjoy as I don’t often consider myself a bitter person. I feel myself loathing christmas this year and as I sit here in my dorm room editing an essay, I wonder if anyone else feels this way or if I am alone?

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