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Check it off the list

November 9, 2014

I woke up in a vineyard yesterday morning. The sunbeams dancing through the grape leaves in autumn shades with steamy mist above them was the most beautiful thing to wake up to– even if my head would not stop throbbing. After waking up, I strolled alone through the rows of vines and took a little walk through the night before–English guys. It started out with the English guys. An evening swim on the Cassis beach. Popping a cork through when there was no corkscrew. And how did I end up in the vineyard? Stumbling onto an abandoned fishing boat in the harbour and finding a stash of Ricard, a walk to the 3rd calanque, a moonrise, a group of Scandinavians, another swim, some bold pronouncements… now I remember the vineyard! The walk to the train station had a short-cut through the vineyard. It was always my dream ever since I first watched “Bon Voyage Charlie Brown” to spend a night out in the French countryside. Not exactly how imagined it in my dreams, but check it off the list…

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