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Broad Tips For Abroad

August 28, 2016



Studying abroad is for the thrill-seekers and the open-minded. For myself, leaving to a foreign country for a year brought a lot of emotions to mind. Through some hefty planning, the tips I have included through first-hand experience can make your transition into pre-departure a little easier. To begin, an open-mind is firstly the most important belonging to have. My soon to be reality in a very liberal country of Copenhagen, Denmark was of course filled with expectations of different aspects in my host country. Social norms, cultural differences, food and language are a few. After all, I will be learning to speak Danish for a full year. It may be a fun way to keep tab of what you may be feeling in regards to your new home, to reflect upon along the way.

Denmark in particular is extremely expensive. Budget wisely.  Before leaving to your host country, I found it a good idea to order currency through your bank and to give yourself a few days to receive it.Cash all your checks before hand and have some American money, the good old Franklin trick (keep a $100 bill or so stashed away for EMERGENCIES).

After arriving into Denmark my luggage was lost or delayed or something, and off the Luggage service sent me with their complementary emergency pack of various overnight items. So I can say I was stuck with a few pairs of undergarments and athleticFind

Lastly, quick tips to stay healthy and fit. As an avid fitness follower, I brought with me my small sized yoga mat. After the plane the last thing you want to do is sit, although sleep was nice. I have an app to download to help you stay active whether it be in your new room, living room space, outside or on your stairwell to your house. There is always a way to keep moving and stay functional. Train with Tanya is an amazing app that leads you through body weight and floor space exercises, tough work! Stay connected online for fitness pages like Women’s Health for every day exercises.

Keep Calm and Carry On!


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