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Blog #9 Advantages on getting a Transportation pass In Japan (Tokyo) Part 2

January 17, 2018

Blog #9

Advantages on getting a Transportation pass In Japan (Tokyo) Part 2

                This blog was divided in to two parts, on blog #8 I talked some of the benefit on getting the Transportation pass (定期券(Teiki-ken)). For this blog #9 ,I would be going over the steps on getting a transportation pass.  For this blog I would be going over the Step on getting a Transportation pass on a Pasmo card. Suica should be similar.

*Keep in mind that some of these steps might have changed from the time I was in Japan. Also some required documents might be different depending on the train company you are using.

* Before I start I would recommend having someone with you that can help you ge t the Teiki-ken. When I was in Japan. I had someone from the school help me fill in the documents. And looking for the office to buy the Teiki-ken will be a pain if you do not know where it is.

You need a Pasmo or Suica for Transportation pass. (Basic information)

First of all before buying a Transportation pass you need a card called “Pasmo” or “Suica” (500 yen). If you live in the Bay Area and use public transportation like Bart and AC transit you might be familiar with a card called “Clipper” card. It basically is the same thing. You are able to add money in to the card so you do not need to buy ticket each time from the vending machine. By touching your Suica/Pasmo card when you enter and leave the ticket gate it automatically deduces from your card.  You are able to buy a Pasmo or Suica card when you apply for the Transportation pass (Teiki-ken).


  1. Required documents:

Your student ID

  • The Student ID must be your study abroad college ID. Not your SFSU student ID.
  • On you Student ID, it must have your current Japan address.

Phone Number

  • If you do not have a phone number the college you are staying might provide you one just so you can apply to Teiki-ken.


  1. Filling in the Document. The Document might be out dated depending on the time your are in Japan. Also I will be using Pasmo as an example and not Suica.

This document can be found in the train station where you buy the Teiki-ken.  Note that not all train station has an office for Teiki-ken. Most major station has the Teiki-ken Office.  The Teiki-ken office is called “定期券販売窓口 Teiki-ken Hanbai Madoguchi”.

I have numbered areas that you need fill out. There are 13-14 area that you need to fill out.

  • ① Write down your Last name (In カタカナ(katakana)
  • ② Write down your First name (In カタカナ(katakana)
  • ③Your date of birth ( Year)
  • ④ Check 男 for male, 女 for Female.
  • ⑤ Your date of birth (Month)
  • ⑥ Your date of birth (Day)
  • ⑦ Your Japanese Phone number
  • ⑧ Put a circle in the box where ⑧ Under PASMO定期券(Teiki-ken)
  • ⑨ Type of Teiki-ken, circle 通学(Tsuugaku) for college
  • ⑩ The date your want to activate your Teiki-ken. Example 20XX年12月01日(12-01-20XX).
  • ⑪Choose 1箇月(Ikkagetsu )for One month,3箇(Sankagetsu)月for 3 month,6箇月(Rokkagetsu)for 6 month of Teiki-ken.
  • ⑫Write down the station you are coming from on the top half, and then write down the station your are getting off for school. The cost of your Teiki-ken depends on how many stations you have.

Example:  明大(meidai) 駅から

渋谷(Shibuya)  駅まで

  • ⑬ If you need to transfer station you need to write down the station you are transferring. For this you can ask the people in the office for help. I asked them since I did not know the transferring point.
  • ⑭Payment method “現金( genkin)” Cash, or  “クレジットカード” Credit card. Keep in mind for credit card most of the place might not except international credit card so having cash would be better.


  1. Turn in your Student ID and document.
  • After all the document is done you will be given a Pasmo card (500 yen). Your Teiki-ken printed on top of your Pasmo card with your name as well.

In conclusion, I highly recommend getting some help from your college to buy the Teiki-ken. I think I paid about 15,000Yen ( About $150) for 6 month. Since I was there for a year I paied about 30,000 Yen( $300) in total. I was able to get student discount, so getting the Teiki-ken saved me a lot of money. So here is one way I used my Gilman scholarship. Thank you Gilman for your support.


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