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Blog #6 Living in Japan (Housing)

November 3, 2017

Blog #6 Living in Japan (Housing).

TIPS on Living in Japan (Housing).

Program: Aoyama Gakuin University 2016-17

Country: Japan /Tokyo (City: Shibuya)

On my previous posts I stated that I used some part of Gilman Scholarship towards my housing in Japan. (Keep in mind the Gilman Scholarship would not cover your full 1 year stay in Japan for housing.)The dorm I stayed in was a male only dorm, female had their own dorms in a different area.  For this post I would like to post some of the pictures of my room, fallowing with some TIPS living in Tokyo. Hope people who looks at this blog has some basic idea of a Japanese Student room.


So I stayed in a dorm about 1.5 hour away from school by train. (20min walk to the train station, 2 transfer and 15 min walk to school from station.)

Here are some pictures of the room.


The room had these of the following:

  1. Wardrobe
  2. Bed ( A little bit smaller than a US Twin size)
  3. Wi-Fi, Modem with LAN cable

(The Black box on the desk is the Modem, and the small white box is the Wi-Fi for you room)

  1. Japanese Futon with pillow
  2. Desk + Chair (sorry, when I took this picture my chair was outside because I was cleaning up.)
  3. Trash box

As said in my previous blog I paid about $800 per month this included 2 meals (Morning and Night) at the cafeteria Monday-Saturday(Sunday day off), internet and Bath.

TIP 1 –Outlet for your Electronics-

For those of you who does not know, Japan has a different power for electronics!  The US outlets are 2 plugs or 3 plugs. (Most US desktops are three plugs) Japan’s outlet are ONLY 2 plugs and Has DIFFERENT SHAPE compared to US 2 plugs.  You are most likely to use a converter if you are going to any US electronics.

TIP2-Japanese Bath

So if you have some knowledge in to Asian bath, you might know this already, but for those of you that does not, people share one big bathtub naked.  This is their culture and for people who are not use to this, we just need to adjust our selves.

TIP3- Comparing Student Dorm with normal rent

There are few reasons why I chose student dorm over normal rent/home stay. Here are the TOP 3 reasons.

  1. Food! Even though there is a time restriction for food, preparing food for yourself can be time consuming. ( I will post another blog about Food)
  2. The strict rules with your garbage. Japan is REALLY strict about your garbage, it is not just dividing recycling and other trash. You need to sort your garbage out in to many different categories. For example if you have a Japanese 500ml soda that you got from a vending machine, you need to sort it in to 3 different garbage bags. 1 for the cap of the bottle, 2 the rapping that’s on the bottle, and 3 the bottle itself for recycling. The student dorm that I was in did not have this rule because people who worked in the dorm did it for the students.
  3. Getting rid of your stuff for your room can be a pain. This might depend on your rent. If you rent a place (that not a student dorm) you might need to buy a full set of bedding, kitchen supply, and all the stuff that you cannot take home. There might be a place that has the full set in the rent, but I was not able to find one. So student dorm was more convenient for me because I did not need to buy any stuff.


Since my rent was about $800 per month, I think this cost was a decent price with all the stated stuff included. It is sad that as of now (10/26/2017), the student dorm rent for this program is $1000 a month, because the student dorm changed to a new dorm.  To be honest with $1000 per month you can get a better deal by looking in to housing.


Hope these Tips and Picture gives you some idea on how the rooms are like in Japan.


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