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Blog # 11 leaving the Student dorm.

January 19, 2018

Blog # 11 leaving the Student dorm.

In my previous blogs # 6 and #7 I wrote about the room and the food. With the support from Gilman I was able to stay in the student dorm and have a stable study abroad time. For this blog I would like to explain some of the stuff I needed to do before leaving the Student dorm. I know that there is a new student dorm from the time I was there, so this blog might be out dated, but I hope you can have some basic Ideas on some of the stuff you might need to do when leaving your student dorm.

Step 1.  I needed to make an appointment on the day that I will be leaving with the student dorm manger. (They will check your room for any damage or if you leave anything behind.)

Step 2. Manage your time. It takes few days to clean your room up and get your trash away. There will be documents you need to fill out when leaving the dorm.

Step 3. Clean up your room.  You need to have your room as the same as you got it when you arrived.

Step 4. Japan has their own rules with sorting out the trash. Some stuff might need a special sticker and need to make a request for pickup.

For example: I had a 3 shelf shelving unit for my room that I need to get rid of. I asked the student dorm office for the number I needed to call, and called them.  They told me how much it would be and told me the date to trash the shelf.  I needed to go to the convenience store and buy a sticker with the exact amount of the cost from the phone.  Put the sticker on the shelf and they would come pick it up for you.  The person working in the student dorm office was able to help me and guide me with the steps. It is always a good idea to get help from people that knows the area.

Step 5.  Pack your stuff that you are taking home early.    Remember that your flight has a maximum weight limit for your luggage.  I had to send some using the post office because I knew I was going over the weight limit. (I will be talking about this in more details on my next blog “ The Final TIPS”).

Step 6. On the day that you leave they will do a room check, it took me about 15 min or so checking everything.


                For my next blog( the final blog). I would go over some Final Tips that I thought it can help. Some Tips might be a review from my previous blogs.

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