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Basic Gilman Information with TIPS! (#1)

July 23, 2016

Hi there! Welcome to my Blog Post.  For my first blog I would like to go over the basic overview of applying to Gilman. (This blog was written on 7/21/2016, Information might be different, if there is a change.*)


STEP 1. Can you apply to Gilman?

First of all, YOU NEED TO HAVE Pell Grant to apply to Gilman.

For those of you does not know a “Pell Grant”, Pell Grant is one kind of financial aid that student can receive. Just keep in mind that it is one type of financial aid. If you do have Pell Grant you are good to go. You can apply to Gilman with a chance of getting maximum of $5000.00 Scholarship!

If you have Pell Grant it doesn’t hurt to take your chances!

You also need to have U.S. citizenship.

STEP 2. Creating ID and do paper work.

I think is step is the simplest Step in applying to Gilman. Like applying for a job you need to you need to do some paper work. You would need to create an account on Gilman’s site then you need to fill in all the information that is required. Just Do it before the Deadline.

TIP: If you have any information that you are not sure about, contact Study abroad office via e-mail or in person. ASK for help. They will help you with the required information! I contacted them about 5 times when finishing the paper work for Gilman.

(Thank you Study abroad)

STEP 3. Writing your Essay.

For now just some basic knowledge in this Step.

TIP: Give yourself EXTRA 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE DEADLINE for the Essay.

You need to write TWO essay. Yes two sounds a lot I know, but the second essay is just a fallow-up on what you are going to do. (For example I wrote for my second essay that I would post a Blog on Study abroad blog site.)

TIP: Ask Study Abroad for the opportunity that you can do!

So the first essay is going your chance to convince Gilman that you need their support to have a better Study abroad experience.

TIP: GET YOUR ESSAY REVIEWED BY SOMEONE!  Study abroad has Gilman workshops and if you go during the Drop-in office hrs, you can get your essay reviewed. I went 3 times to get my essay reviewed! They are really helpful!


STEP4. Submit your application!

TIP: DO NOT Submit your application in last min!! Things might go wrong in last min. Better to submit it before the deadline.


Thank you for reading my blog.

Next blog would be about the topic that I used for the  Essay.

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