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Aarhus Denmark Cycle Transportation

November 6, 2014

Auction Pamphlet Cycling transportation It is very important to have a bike while in Aarhus. It is the main form of transportation for many students here. You should be aware that many students will be searching for a bike at the same time as you. When estimating your expenses for your time abroad include purchasing or renting a bike. I can not give you an exact price, because it will vary. There are many places in Aarhus to buy or rent a bike. Suggestions: Facebook can be a great tool in your bike search. Add “lejencykel lejencykel” on Facebook if you are considering renting. You can rent a bike from them for 120 kr per month with a 200 kr deposit. All repairs and problems will be at the expense of Lejencycle. They run out of Bikes fast. Contact them before your arrival. Add “Aarhus Internationals” to purchase a bike from other students. Many will post bikes that they have for sale. You can also post on the page that you are looking for a bike. Bike Shops: There are stores all over Aarhus that sell bikes. If you are looking for a really nice bike I suggest that you use google as a tool to find the right bike shop for you. This option can be very expensive. I browsed a shop called Rowi and the cheapest bike was 4000 kr. Auction: Østjysk Auktion (East Jutland Auction) hosts an auction once a month. This auction is called Kæmpe cykelauktion (huge bike auction). It is located in a small town called Egå. Bus 12 towards Mejby will take you there. I purchased my bike here. I won my bike with a 350 kr bid. I paid that and 157 kr tax. The auction is once a month. It will be on a Saturday at 10:00am. The building will open at 8:00am I suggest that you arrive before 10:00am to view all of the bikes. It is a good idea that you make sure that the bikes you choose actually work. You need to give your identification or drivers license and they will give you a book. The book will have pictures of all the bikes with the corresponding number for each bike. The back of the booklet has a large number that you will use during the auction to bid. When the auction starts the bike and number of the bike that is being auctioned will show on a tv screen. The first time that I went to the auction it was in Danish and the second was in English. Once you have won a bike keep your number held up so they can write it down. Finally you will get in line to pay for your bike. It is a good idea to take cash with you to the auction. They accept Dankort but not Visa or MasterCard.

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