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A Word About Visas and Passports

August 13, 2015



Visa Photo

To the right: The bland passport sized photo I sent them. To the left: the horrible monstrosity they put in my passport.

When I first started to become serious about studying abroad I was told to immediately buy a passport. It was good advice and I took it. Getting a passport can be time consuming and it is a little expensive. I was so excited to get my passport in the mail. It took about a month and my photo came back looking like I had a really horrible spray tan but I loved it all the same.

Recently I decided it was about time i started working on getting my visa (as my university took a while to send me my official acceptance letter.) I was very confused by the Turkish Consulate website and I thought that I could just use an E-visa to get into the country. Later, the consulate finally got back to me and sent me an all Caps Lock email about why entering the country with an E-visa is illegal. I went to the post office the next day, print out more passport size photos, filled out the student visa form they sent me and sent it all to them with priority mail.

About a week later I got my passport back. Finally! I was so relieved. Then I looked inside. For some reason my Visa photo looks mutilated. I don’t know why this is but I compared the photo I gave to them and the photo inside and they were definitely different. I emailed the consulate and hopefully the issue can be resolved. Most likely this is just a rare glitch but it is a good reminder to get your visa and passport stuff done as soon as you have an acceptance letter.

Here is my advice to anyone wanting to travel:

  • Look at the website thoroughly.
  • If you are still confused: EMAIL THEM.
  • Get your passport right away!
  • Remember it is going to cost some money.
  • Buy a lot of passport photos when you get them taken and go somewhere cheap. (Not the post office.)
  • You cannot smile in a passport photo so try and do some Tyra Banks smising. Smize

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