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Blog #11 Final TIPS Japan (Tokyo).

January 21, 2018

Blog #11 Final TIPS Japan (Tokyo).

For my last blog I would like to go over some Tips that might be handy for people studying abroad.  By the support of the Gilman scholarship I was able to enjoy my stay in Japan.  Some Tips on this blog might be a review from my previous blog.  I restate some of the Tips because I believe it helped me a lot when I was in Japan. Also I would be writing down the top 5 tips that I thought are most important.

                TIP 1:APPLY TO GILMAN!!.

The Support form Gilman can help you A LOT! By having the support from Gilman you are able have an easier life out of your country. Gilman’s support helped me in transportation fee, dorm fee (See my previous blog for more information). If you are able to apply to Gilman you should apply!

                TIP 2: Always have a plan B in mind ,Always have extra time for anything.

I explained some of my experience for example, the money issue for the dorm fee. Since we are in a country we do not know, we should have a flexible mind. Some of our plans might not go according to plan.  Some of my plans were successful because of Gilman’s support. If your plan A does not work you might need to adjust your plans which would need time

                TIP 3: Getting a Suica/Pasmo.

I stated that getting a transportation pass (定期券(Teiki-ken) you need a Suica or Pasmo. I use some port of Gilman’s support for transportation (please read my previous blog for my details). Suica or Pasmo can be useful, you are able to add extra money on your Suica or Pasmo, and it automatically calculates the amount and withdraws the amount in the station you get off. Buying a ticket can be time consuming. Tokyo has a lot of train station and transfer points, therefore having something like Suica or Pasmo can save a lot of time when you are in Japan.

                TIP 4: Using the post office to ship your packages.

When I was in Japan I was able to work for my college for few hours. With the extra income that I earn, I got some books that I needed to send back home using the Japanese post office. If you have a package you are planning on sending back home USE “SAL” with a tracking number! Do not use the cheapest shipping by sea. One reason not to use the sea is because your package can be lost. It takes about 4-5 months by sea and between shipping your item might get lost or damaged. Try avoiding using sea to ship your package. “SAL” with tracking number is the cheapest and safest way to ship back your items.

TIP 5: Try to have back up support from your school, friends, maybe your student dorm manager.

I got so many support when I was in Japan, because I was new to the area. College professor supported me on some recommending classes. Explained some of the basic ideas of Japanese culture and Japanese way of thinking. Getting my bank set up to transfer money from my US bank account became smooth because of the clear information from school.  My student dorm manager let me stay in the old dorm (thank you so much). Also SFSU financial aid office helped me turn in some of the paper work for financial aid online because I was out of the country.  And finally the Study abroad office helped me when there was an issue came up on the Student Center for payment, because of their wonderful help they make my life in Study abroad easy.

These are some of the final Tips that I thought made my life in Japan easier. Hope my Blogs helps. Once again thank you Gilman for your support it made my life in abroad easier! I end my fallow up for Gilman here.



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