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Blog #8 Advantages on getting a Transportation pass In Japan (Tokyo) Part 1

January 16, 2018

Blog #8

Advantages on getting a Transportation pass In Japan (Tokyo) Part 1

One way that I used Gilman scholarship was for the Transportation pass. I will be dividing this blog in to 2 parts, blog #8 being the advantages on using the Transportation pass, then Blog #9 will be the steps on getting the Transportation pass. (There will be some Japanese in this blog)

You need a Pasmo or Suica for Transportation pass. (Basic information)

First of all before buying a Transportation pass you need a card called “Pasmo” or “Suica” (500 yen). If you live in the Bay Area and use public transportation like Bart and AC transit you might be familiar with a card called “Clipper” card. It basically is the same thing. You are able to add money in to the card so you do not need to buy ticket each time from the vending machine. By touching your Suica/Pasmo card when you enter and leave the ticket gate it automatically deduces from your card.

The transportation pass is called “定期券(teiki-ken)”

Where do you buy Suica or Pasmo?-

When you apply for the Transportation pass you pay 500 yen. Or you can buy it from the vending machine at the station.


Top two reason to buy a Transportation pass/Teiki-ken.

  1. Less hassle buying a ticket for the train.

There is no need to buy a ticket for each trip.  By buying a Teiki-ken you have less hassle with transportation. Tokyo has a lot of station and you need to buy the right ticket with the right amount. I think this is a pain, since we are not use to the area. By buying the Teiki-ken we are already set for everyday use.


  1. Can save you money.

Depending on how many days you need to go to school, buying a Teiki-ken can be cheaper than buying a ticket every day. If you have classes 5days a week getting a Teiki-ken is most likely cheaper.  In most case you would need to go to school every day for class.  Also you are able get off at any station that is between the station where you get on and off.


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