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One way to receive the money from Gilman after you get accepted. (After your arrive in JAPAN)

October 12, 2017

Blog #4

One way to receive the money from Gilman after you get accepted. (After your arrive in JAPAN)

This blog is the second part of my previous blog to transfer money between US and JAPAN.


For this blog it will contain two major Steps that I did to have a successful transfer between US and JAPANESE Banks. 1-Creating a Bank account in JAPAN, 2-Custimizing your bank Account to receive the money on you Japanese Bank Account.

Note* (I am using ‘BoA (Bank of America)’ and ‘MIZUHO Bank (Japanese Bank)”

  • Creating a Bank account in Japan.


Step 1 (Preparation)

*Keep in mind that the Japanese bank close really early compared to US Banks. So make sure the working hours.

* Also keep in mind that this bank is a Japanese Bank so they might not provide an English speaking worker every day. If you can get any helper from your study abroad college for translation, I highly recommend it.


 The List of required items (might differ depending on you)

  1. Passport (US or JPN)
  2. *Residence Card( if you have Japanese citizenship and have a Japanese Passport skip this)
  3. Phone number
  4. Japanese Insurance card. (with your current address in Japan on the card)
  5. Japanese Student ID.
  6. Your address (while you are in Japan, US address does not work).
  7. *Hanko/Inkan ( Most likely to not have one).

Hanko or Inkan is basically a stamp that is used as a sign.  Mizuho bank required me to have one, there might be an alternative for this.  I was lucky to have Japanese parents and they provided me with the Hanko/Inkan. But most of the students will not have one. Therefore you need to talk with Mizuho Bank to find out the alternative. I heard that they might ask you to sign but every single sign HAS TO BE THE EXACTLY SAME.

  1. Some money to put in your bank.

They will ask you to put some money in to your bank account.

STEP 2 (filling in the paperwork/ and customizing your bank)

  1. When you arrive at the bank you will need to write in some of the information that you have from the required items. Japan is super sensitive on any mistakes or and information missing, so prepare all the required items.


  1. Ask for an ATM card so you can withdraw using the ATM.


  1. Tell them you are planning on transferring money from USA.


  1. Ask for the required information that you need to wire your bank account. For example Bank Address, Swift Code/BIC. (I was able to gain these information here).

STEP 3 (Results)

Here are the list that you should receive after making a bank account at MIZUHO Bank.

  • Tsuuchou(通帳(つうちょう)) a paper book that states how much you have in your bank account.
  • ATM card(to your mailing address)


2-Custimizing your bank Account to receive the money on you Japanese Bank Account.

STEP1 (preparation)

So to make your bank account have international transfer you need these additional items.

  1. My Number (Japanese Social security number.)

My understanding of this is if you plan on staying in Japan over 90 days Japan provides you with this SSN.

  1. Phone number that you can answer.

On your first transaction they will call the number to make sure the transaction is yours. If you are not able to take the call they will cancel the transfer and send the money back to your US bank account. In this case BoA.

Step2 (going to a different office)

  1. Mizuho Bank has a different office that takes care of the international transaction. You will need to provide the additional required with the required items from before.

Step3 (wire your Bank account.)

  1. Go online and fill in the information that online BoA requires to put in. (Example Bank Address, Swift Code/BIC.)
  2. Transfer your money (there is a maximum for one transaction. It will take about 3-4 days for your money to be transferred) There might be a fee for transaction. For me it was 35$ for one transaction.
  3. Take the phone call from your bank and conform the transaction is correct. You will not receive any more phone calls after your first transaction.

You are finished with the set-ups for transferring your money from BoA to Mizuho Bank.  You can now transfer the money that you got from the Gilman!


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