Preparing for Study Abroad

1 Week ’till Florence

August 19, 2015

SO many things and changes have happened over the last three years: I lost my dad, graduated high school, 1 Week to Florencemoved into the dorms and started college, moved out of the dorms and into my first apartment, helped my mom and sister move to another state,moved out of my first apartment; and that’s just the basics. While every one of those things, and countless others in between, have been significant and changing, I think one of the biggest decisions came when I decided to apply for study abroad.
I’ve always loved traveling, and have been wanting to return to Europe since going to the United Kingdom 10 years ago. During high school I became fixated on Paris, and later on Italy, and knew I wanted to travel there. I knew since senior year that I wanted to do study abroad and I applied for the program in Florence, Italy as soon as I was able to. Several months and meetings later, I was accepted, and now I’m here, just one week from Florence.
One week. It used to 6 months, then 100 days, 50, and now, one week. The time has gone by so quickly and so slowly at the same time. I’ve spent my summer with friends and family, visiting places and doing things I know I won’t have the chance to do again for the next year. I’ve spent my summer preparing to live abroad, researching everything from how to order coffee and food, to how Italians dress, to what apartments are like and how a washing machine works. I’ve spent my summer making lists of what I need to pack and what I still need to buy, and running around trying to make sure I have everything I need to spend a year of my life abroad.
1 I’ve done all this preparation and research, and it all comes down to this one week. One week before I put all of my research into action. One week before the adventure of a lifetime. One week before I move to Florence for a year. One week until I’m in one of the art capitals of the world. One week before I leave everything and everyone I’m familiar with. One week before everything changes.
I’m scared to leave, but I’m SO much more excited for everything this next year will bring.

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