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暑い〜( It’s HOT~!): Summers in Japan

July 13, 2016


If you’re from an area with mostly nice weather all year-round like California, you’re probably not used to hot and muggy weather. Before Japan, I never knew what it was like to stand outside for less than 5 minutes and be totally drenched in sweat (and not to mention more worried about my makeup!).

In Tokyo, the summer can get very very hot (~80F-100F) and 60-100% of the air humid. Basically, you sweat a lot easier and a lot faster when you are walking around Japan.

Ways to beat the heat:

Don’t let Japan’s humid weather stop you from enjoying your life. There are many ways to beat the heat and distract your mind from the humidity. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Buying every drink (のみもの) available in the convenience stores (コンビニ) and vending machines (じどうはんばいき a.k.a. じはんき). The best thing about living in Tokyo is the convenience of just about everything.  You can buy water and different kinds of juices, teas, and even coffee to quench your thirst.   

    Refreshing Japanese drinks

  • Trying every kind of ice cream available in the convenience stores! This is nice for those of us who don’t want a whole “Costco-size” box of ice cream bars. Personally, I enjoy buying the Papico Chocolate Coffee (basically a bottle sized ice cream with yummy chocolate coffee flavor) and Garigari-kun (ガリガリ君)– a Japanese classic. 


    ガリガリ君- a classic Japanese favorite

    papico chocolate coffee ice cream

    Papico Chocolate Coffee Ice Cream

  • Taking a day trip out to the beach. As a native Southern California girl, I have been to the beach many times in my life. I never realized how lucky I was until I moved to Japan.  For me, the beach would be an excruciating (SARCASM) 5 minute walk from my home. In Tokyo, the closest beach is about an hour away and a 640 yen (around $6) one way ticket. I recently went to Enoshima Beach (江ノ島) with my friend and spent a few hours relaxing and playing in the water. We even got the most delicious and authentic burgers we had ever eaten in Japan at Kua Aina. Sooo gooood!!!


Kua Aina’s Pineapple Burger with Avocado- YUM!


And just a friendly PSA note that you should always be careful of the heat no matter where you are. It’s fun to explore Tokyo and Japan in the summer but you should make sure you don’t get heat stroke. Regardless of what you’re doing, drink plenty of water and don’t feel embarrassed to step into the shade and take a break. It’s much more embarrassing if you pass out and need medical attention.

Have fun and stay safe in the summer while you are in Japan!

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